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Slow Songs For Fast Hearts: Video


The Perfect Song

Woah I am suddenly posting heaps! Maybe it’s because I’ve finished my degree and need something to do so I can continue avoiding the real world. I just stumbled across this on the internet, it’s a funny video featuring Carrie Brownstein from Sleater-Kinney and Fred Armisen about writing a song. At the end of the video is a cameo by Corin Tucker and her husband Lance Bangs, and it appears that they’re having another baby / had another baby! I don’t know how to embed the video so you’ll have to visit the website: It’s worth having a look through the site, I just had a quick look and there are more videos etc. I’m gonna watch them now!

Edit: okay I have been watching more, it is essential you go visit the site and watch the videos now, they’re are hilarious!

Posted Dec 15, 02:12 pm | By Katie | Comment
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