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Two-piece craziness! I was lucky enough to catch this band in London in July 2006, opening for the Gossip. Akiko the singer/drummer was dressed in pink underwear and drummed and screamed and stomped around the stage and was an amazing whirlwind of energy. Simon the guitarist reminded me heaps of Brace Paine, I think it was the hair and the way he stood off to the side, a force unto himself, but letting her take the stage.

I was blown away by their raw style, it was like the best of riot grrrl (Huggy Bear etc) but threatening in a different way, it was like the riot mixed with something more dark and sexy.

The music was scrawling guitars and thudding drums, screamed vocals, a spontaneous performance that would appeal to lovers of noise: Yokel Ono style, diy/riot punk: the aforementioned Huggy Bear, and garage music alike (i.e. a great complement to the main act of the night, The Gossip – Akiko stood in the wings while they played, ecstatically dancing along and helped Beth Ditto with the “whoa whoa whooooa“s in “Standing in the Way of Control”).

Watching Comanechi, I knew I’d probably not see something like that again for a long while (and probably not til I go overseas again where people seem able to let loose on stage, or at least where the audience condones it).

Their website is great too:
And I wanna get their CD plus picturebook: My Pussy.

Come to New Zealand Comanechi! You can play in the, uh, Schooner Tavern?...

Watch Comanechi “Death Of You”

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Beth Ditto = Awesome

Beth Ditto wants to make designs for Topshop

12.Mar.07 1:45pm

The Gossip‘s singer Beth Ditto is calling on Topshop bosses to let her design a clothes range.

The star made the appeal after her band were invited to perform a series of instore gigs for the high street store.

Despite several newspaper reports suggesting the singer was to design a range for the chain, she insists she hasn’t been asked and won’t be playing the store until she gets her own clothing line.

“Give me the job. I want to design, I want you to make clothes for big girls, big boys, I want you to make big sizes,” she said. “I don’t want just your money or the cred of hanging out with Kate Moss, which is fine, but it’s not want I want in life. I want more. I want what she gets.”

Despite being invited to perform for Topshop, Ditto added that she refused to play on principle.

She told BBC 6 Music: “I don’t think it’s fair to put my face somewhere where they would never let me in there to wear their clothes. I want the respect that Kate Moss gets. If they want our music they’ve got to actually do something to earn it. I can get money anywhere, I don’t need your money unless you’re going to do it my way.

Ditto added: “They don’t want to dress people that look like me, that have a normal body, a bigger body, whatever. I mean I don’t really know why they want The Gossip to do things for them, I don’t understand because if they saw me in the street they’d never give me the time of day. I like me, I think that other girls like me, they need people like me, people who feel really strongly and will say no.”


Watch the video for Standing In The Way Of Control:

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