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The Gossip played in Auckland!

I finally got to see the Gossip play on Sunday, and they were just so amazing! I had waited years for them to come to New Zealand and it was worth the wait. We were right up the front so I have bruises on my hips from being pushed against the stage, but we had the best view and such a good time. Kat had gone to see them in Wellington the night before, and had baked a cake for Beth, so she got lots of hugs from Beth during and after the show! I yelled out for the first Gossip song I ever heard, Swing Low and they played it. After the show I told Beth it was me who requested it and she gave me a hug and a kiss! I also got one of Hannah’s drum sticks but had to resort to a little bribery in order to get it. The highlight of the show was when they played Standing In The Way Of Control and more and more people were climbing up on stage to dance with them — the stage was so crowded and even though I didn’t get up there I was so happy because bands often don’t let people get up on stage with them. It was such an exciting night and the show was so so amazing! Here are some photos I took, the quality is pretty bad because I took them on my cellphone.

Posted Dec 12, 12:05 AM | By Katie | Comment
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