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Slow Songs For Fast Hearts: Pony 4 Honey Playlists


Woops, here it is

I just noticed I forgot to post the link to the show Melissa did on Fleet FM last Friday! You can listen to it here!

After the last one I posted, I had a couple of people tell me they had trouble listening to it — if you click on the link it should play in your browser, but if you want to download it to your computer just right click on the link and choose to save the mp3 to your computer.

There are the songs that Melissa played:

Cobra Killer – Six Secs
Les Georges Leningrad- Georges Five
Comanechi – Tea Bags
Free Kitten – Proper Band
The Trip – Help Me
Spider & the Webs – Do you Really Wanna?
Jenny Hoyston – I don’t need ‘em
Paradise Island – Monster Boogie
Electralane – The Invisible Dog
Vile Vile Creatures – Faux Feminism
Sound Laydee- Don’t Stay Inside
Slits – Shoplifting
The Rotters – Japanese Punk
MIA – 20 Dollar
Chicks on Speed – Kaltes Klares Wasser
Love of Diagrams – Pace or the Patience
Slant 6 – Babydoll
Voodoo Queens – Princess of the Voodoo Beat
Kim Carnes – Bette Davis Eyes
Liliput – Terrified
Crass – Systematic Death

Posted Jan 17, 12:04 AM | By Katie | Comment
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Playlist for last Friday's radio show...

Here’s the playlist for last Friday’s show on Fleet Fm . The first hour was me, the second hour was Kat. And if you want to listen to some of it (we didn’t manage to catch it all), scroll down a couple of entries and Katie has put a link to it!

Toyboat – Yoko Ono w/ Antony & Hahn Rowe
New Life – Numbers
Trixie’s Star – Helium
Beat (Health, Life & Fire) – Thao Nguyen
Dirty Toucher – Blue Minkies
Centre Where Sight – XBXRX
Smells Like Queer Spirit – Pansy Division
Nite Nurses – Glass Candy
Tenant – Siouxsie and the Banshees
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4 – Slumber Party
Chart Yr Cycle – Party Weirdo
Holiday Vacation – The Coolies
Fetu & You – Newtown
Boyfriend Application – FInally Punk
Darque Tan – Gravy Train!!!!
Grip Like a Vice – The Go! Team
Track 4 – The Carnys (can’t remember name of the song)
Shit Day – Wet Dog
I Cannot See – Deathline
Toilet – Drunk Granny (I think, it could’ve been another track now I think of it)
Drama and Games- Cat Call
Dark Sally – The Need

Robocat – Teenagers in Tokyo
Sleep Away Your Troubles – The Softies
Manatee – Finally Punk
Time Expired – Slant 6
She’s a Winner – The CeBe barns Band
Lightning Rod for Jesus – Beth Ditto & Calvin Johnson
Take on Me – Team Dresch
Everything is Christmas With You – Beth Ditto
What the Paper’s Didn’t Say – Tribe 8
Musical Fanzine – Team Dresch
Sam – Need
Missle – Finally Punk
Thirty-Thirty Vision – Slant 6
107 – Team Dresch
Are U That Somebody – Gossip
Militia – Cypher in the Snow
Not a Jerk – Longstocking
Double Feature – Jenna Riot
Salamander – Kaia Wilson
Re:Television – Joey Casio
Superinfectious – Miyax
No, You Don’t Even Know – the Butchies
Straight Boys – Team Gina
Un Deux Trois Cat! – Third Sex

Posted Jan 9, 07:17 PM | By Melissa | Comment
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Show on Fleet today

So, I went up to Fleet with Melissa and Kat today! It was heaps of fun, they played great music and had great stories! Hopefully they will both email me or post their playlists. But, even better than a list of songs is a recording of the show itself in case you missed it! You can listen to it or download it here. Also, please leave us comments!

Posted Jan 4, 11:50 PM | By Katie | Comment
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