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Slow Songs For Fast Hearts: Liechtenstein



Liechtenstein are a band I caught at a twee pop festival in Hoxton, London, a couple of weekends ago…Previously I would’ve said you’d never catch me dead at a twee pop festival, but I guess perhaps I’m mellowing in my old age?? expanding my horizons?? The intention had mainly been to catch veterans Milky Wimpshake & Comet Gain, Milky Wimpshake were great, Comet Gain a bit of a disappointment since last time I saw them (inexplicably though…perhaps it was just cos they were at the end of a VERY long afternoon so my patience was running thin), but the afternoon was owned for me by Liechtenstein, a 3 piece band of girls from Sweden.

The lead singer’s Mo-dettes “White Mice” t-shirt (handmade as she informed me) was a good indication of what they were gonna sound like. But also with elements of quirk, and a touch of darkness too, kind of an echoey loneliness that perfectly evoked European girl post punk from the 80s, and the C86 bands. I was completely enthralled by their sound and their look. I guess I also sort of compared them to the Vivian Girls, who I also saw recently and have the same girl group harmony thing going on, but I think I saw the VGs too late, like, after they’d already blown up and become famous, so they really didn’t move me – they seemed more like they were going through the motions (plus they played at the Proud Camden Galleries, ew), whereas Liechtenstein were an unexpected gift, and reminded me why London’s so awesome: cos you get to go to gigs to see one thing and then accidently stumble over something else amazing.

Posted Mar 14, 10:14 am | By Melissa |
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