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Slow Songs For Fast Hearts: The Vanishing


The Vanishing

To continue in the vein of dark punk music started by An Experiment on a Bird in the Airpump, I thought I’d mention a band that I have just come to, 4 years too late…

The Vanishing started off in San Francisco in 2001, ending in Berlin in 2005. Featuring Jessie Evans, previously from all-female death rock band Subtonix (vocals/sax/bass) and Brian Hock (drums) and then later Billy (keyboards, bass) and Sadie Shaw (keyboards), The Vanishing could be described as cabaret punk, or gothic electro. Jessie’s distinctive saxaphone combined with what has been described as electro-dancehall beats create a frantic and hypnotic maelstrom of sound, and it’s definitely fitting that the band eventually moved to Berlin, as The Vanishing sound as though they were born in that scene, and could’ve played on the same bill as 80s German post punk band Malaria!

And in fact, Jessie Evans went on to form Autonervous with Bettina Koster from Malaria! – a match made in heaven. A track from their self-titled album is also included on Chicks on Speed’s Girlmonster compilation of female post punk & electro artists.

Jessie now performs under her own name and has just finished an album Is it Fire , featuring Toby Dammit & Budgie from Siouxsie & the Banshees, among others, which she will shortly be touring.

Check out the video to my favourite Vanishing song, Lovesick:

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