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Slow Songs For Fast Hearts: Ladyfest Auckland


Ladyfest Auckland

Kat's Birthday Cake

I was looking in the web statistics for our website and saw that quite a lot of people have found us by searching for Ladyfest. So in case they didn’t find what they’re looking for, the link to Ladyfest Auckland’s MySpace is, or you can email the organisers at

There is meant to be a fundraiser on soon, but details are still being confirmed. I think Melissa is going to post here about some of the bands and also the dates everything is happening!

I wanted to post a photo, so that is a picture of Kat’s awesome birthday cake. I stole the photo from their MySpace. Also, I’ll try to write or respond to some of the other search queries that have brought people here. AND! Please tell people about our website. It makes us sad that no one comments!

Posted Jan 18, 02:22 pm | By Katie |
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