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Slow Songs For Fast Hearts: Glass Candy in Auckland March 08


Glass Candy in Auckland March 08

Glass Candy are coming to NZ!! They are one of my favourite bands, and one which I thought would NEVER come here. They are playing with CSS so no doubt it’ll be an unfortunately packed event…oh well… There are two gigs: 25th & 26th March at the Kings Arms, tix going on sale at the end of the month.

Glass Candy’s sound has changed quite a bit over the years, and I have to admit to preferring their older stuff like off their “Love Love Love” release, but possibly I will grow to love their latest sound just as much (often things take a while to get under my skin). Now, they kind of remind me of a (way more interesting) Goldfrapp, but there is still something to be said for going to see a band which at one point made a big impact on you, even if they sound a bit different today.

Glass Candy are from Portland (home of many awesome things), and is fronted by Ida No. They originally released two singles on K Records, and in 2003 released their first full length album, “Love Love Love” through Troubleman Unlimited (who have also put out releases by Les Georges Leningrad, Die Monitr Batss, Tracey and the Plastics, King Cobra and Erase Errata) followed by “Life After Sundown”, and “Iko”. Their latest album is 2007’s “Beatbox”, put out by Italians Do It Better, and I guess this is the album they will be mostly peforming songs from at the Auckland gig.

Previously known as Glass Candy and the Shattered Theatre, they have had a few members come and go, leaving Ida No and Johnny Jewel as the latest line up. They’ve been variously described as no wave, glam, punks with synths, neo disco and more, so basically I guess, are a band that is quite hard to pin down! I can’t wait to see what they are like live.

Here’s a video of them in 2002:

Glass Candy – Love Love Love

And here’s a video from their 2007 release “Beatbox” (featuring a movie star no less)
Glass Candy – Digital Versicolour

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