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Slow Songs For Fast Hearts: The return of the radio show...


The return of the radio show...

Yesterday was the first time in ages that I’ve done a show on the radio. I’m taking over from my friend Michael while he’s away for the summer. I think I might be alternating with Alex, and I guess sometimes we’ll do shows together – I think she plays pretty different music to me though, so it’s not the “Pony 4 Honey” show that I used to do, but my songs will be pretty similar to the ones I did on that show. Dude, it was quite stressful for the first hour! But I think I’ve got it sussed now, hopefully next time will go more smoothly.

So! If you want to listen, tune into Fleet FM 88.3 if you live in inner city Auckland, and if you don’t, you can stream it on the web at The show is from 11am-1pm, Fridays.

Here is the playlist from yesterday (I hope to start recording my shows, and we’ll upload it here). Tui and her 1 yr old Lola visited me during the show, and Lola made a special “shout out” on the microphone during the PiL song…she’s gonna be a rockstar/dj/superstar for sure. And thanks Linden!! of course, cos he put up with my meltdown and then texted me to tell me the show sounded great! And to Michael who let me borrow his show!

Sea Shaped Stone – Ghost Club
Kim Gordon & the Arthur Doyle Handcream – Sonic Youth
Hatchet – Low
Return of the Rock and Roll – the Peechees
Shit Day – Wet Dog
Mister Hypnotist – Spider and the Webs
Journey – Delta 5
Hopscotch – Huggy Bear
Six Secs – Cobra Killer
Dirty Toucher – Blue Minkies
Warrior in Woolworths – X Ray Spex
Nite Nurses – Glass Candy
Nowhere by Mir – Nicolle Meyer
Honeyland – Pam Hogg
The Good Wife – New England Roses
Fire Sign – The Gossip
Step Away – Paradise Island
My Best Kiss – Huggy Bear
Fuck Dudes – Kiosk
Faux Feminism – Vile Vile Creatures
Li’l Mommy – The Fakes
Faux Feminist – Peepholes
We Had Tails in the Old Days – Melt Banana
Kill Yr Belly – Hang on the Box
Incognito – Tina Weymouth
20 Dollar – M.I.A
Death Disco – PiL
Love Und Romance – The Slits
Shelter Two – The Evens
No Love Lost – Joy Division
What the Fuck Missile – Finally Punk
Speedometer – Rythym King and her Friends
Firefly – Heavens to Betsy
Credit in the Straight World – Hole
I Knew – Comanechi
Survive – The Bags
No Success – Atari Teenage Riot
Dracula Mountain – Lightening Bolt
C30 C60 C90 Anda! – Bow Wow Wow
Panic of the Square – Tobi Vail
Go! – Tones on Tail
Bob Hope Takes Risks – Rip Rig and Panic

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