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Slow Songs For Fast Hearts: I was thinking.


I was thinking.

So I was walking home and listening to Sleater-Kinney on my iPod and a live version of “I wanna be your Joey Ramone” came on. I think I like this particular live version more than the original! Instead of singing the line “I wanna be your Thurston Moore” they sing “I wanna be your Mary Timony”! But I can’t decipher the next line, so I can’t tell you about that. And for some reason I just love the way Carrie says “rock and roll”, to me it seems as if she’s saying it’s rock AND roll haha. I guess the song could be about a few things, maybe even about gender in rock music, and how girls are often idolising boys in bands. But is it also some kind of response or reference to the Ramones “I wanna be your boyfriend”? If it is, then what does that make CSS’s version they play live? If you don’t know, they often played their own mash-up version of J-Lo’s “Jenny from the block” and “I wanna be your Joey Ramone”, called “I wanna be your J-Lo”. Is it a response to a response, covering how many generations of underground and pop music? How post modern, haha!

The Ramones — I wanna be your boyfriend, live in Paris 1980

Sleater-Kinney — I wanna be your Joey Ramone, live at CBGB’s, 1997

Sleater-Kinney — I wanna be your Joey Ramone, live at their second to last show, 2006 (I’m posting two versions because it’s interesting to see how the song has changed over the years)

CSS — I wanna be your J-Lo (It was hard to find a good quality version on You Tube, but if you can be bothered looking for more than two minutes you can probably find a better one)

And here is the mp3 of the live version of I wanna be your Joey Ramone that I love you much! Click here to download it!

And on a kind of related topic, Sonic Youth are coming to New Zealand, playing the Bruce Mason Theatre in Auckland on the 16th of February. They’re going to be playing the Daydream Nation album in it’s entirity! I hope I can afford a ticket, PJ Harvey is also playing around the same time and tickets are expensive. I should probably go see Sonic Youth since I’ve never seen them live and I’ve seen PJ Harvey a few times.

And so, to finish up this post, here is Sonic Youth covering The Ramones “Beat on the brat”! I couldn’t put a download link to this one, so you’ll have to visit their MySpace page to have a listen (scroll down to the bottom of the music player thingy). I’m sure I could go on forever, I love pop culture and songs that reference other songs! On the topic of “I wanna be your…” I thought I’d leave out Avril Lavigne, but if you didn’t know how she stole the chorus from the Rubinoo’s, have a look at this and tell me what you think (aah I love You Tube in case no one has noticed!):

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