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Slow Songs For Fast Hearts: The return of Pony 4 Honey!


The return of Pony 4 Honey!

Melissa told me that she’s going to be doing a new show on Fleet FM! I’m not sure if it’s still going to be called Pony 4 Honey, but I’m sure she’s going to be playing the same kinds of awesome music that she did on her old show. And I hope also dedicating songs or entire shows to things like comets and my ute! So for those in Auckland and Wellington, you can listen in on the radio — her slot is 11am – 1pm on Fridays, starting from the 21st. And for those who can’t tune in to the station, you can always listen online like I do! It’s Hopefully she will post her playlists on here and maybe we can hook up some mp3 recordings of her show. I’m going to have to somehow sneakily listen to it while I’m at work! But, yay! I can’t wait!

Posted Dec 14, 02:59 AM | By Katie |
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