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Slow Songs For Fast Hearts: Fast songs for irregular heartbeats


Fast songs for irregular heartbeats

I think fast, short songs are the best songs in the world. Rarely do I like a song that drags on, you know those ones that have the slow build, moderately exciting climax, disappointing comedown and end in a dreary kind of tail off…

What is more exciting than a short sharp song that hits you in the chest? Bands like Melt Banana know what they’re doing. Or how about those sweet and perfectly packaged songs like Be Good by the Frumpies, Tongue Tied by Erase Errata, Picabo Who? by Free Kitten.

Don’t you enjoy it more when it’s instantly great and then ends far short of when you want it to, leaving you wanting it to happen again and again? No time for mundane fillers in songs like that! No time for your mind to wander off, causing you to slap your own face and prop your eyelids up and make yourself pay attention!

That’s kind of how I felt about Sleater Kinney’s The Woods. I mean, I do like it, but I hardly bother to listen to it any more compared to their previous albums which I listened to for years (still listen to). The Woods just takes a lot of effort and concentration, which can be cool and fun and inspiring etc at times, but I dunno, I’m not often in the mood for that.

My favourite Electralane song is Spartakiade, which is like a quarter as long as most of the songs on that album. It’s just so concentrated, unlike the rest, which is not to say that it is better crafted or whatever, but I mean it does have handclaps, which is pretty much the clincher for me.

I say up with excitingness and down with meandering! More hand claps and shouting! Faster drums and repetitive lyrics!

Posted Jul 14, 06:28 pm | By Melissa |
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