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Slow Songs For Fast Hearts: Listen to Pony 4 Honey


Listen to Pony 4 Honey

So, last night was the last Pony 4 Honey show on Fleet. It’s kinda sad because I don’t know if there are any other shows on radio that play what Melissa played, and I really loved listening to Melissa’s show — she’d play some of my favourite songs, as well as songs I loved a while ago and hadn’t heard in some time, and so much new stuff that I’d never heard of before. Once I realised I could listen to the show online it became a bit of a Tuesday tradition for me — working late at night, listening to Melissa’s show and having to continually stop working in order to obsessively text her about how much I loved the song that was playing or to laugh at some of the things she’d dedicate songs to (like the infinite text loop, my ute, the comet, etc.) I’m going to miss it.

We’re slowly working towards setting up a radio station of our own though, so once that’s all up and running there’s definitely going to be a lot more in the vein of Pony 4 Honey. In the meantime, hopefully we can hook something up for this site like downloadable mp3’s or podcasts or whatever.

Melissa found a way to record her last show, the playlist just below this. Listen to it here:

Pony 4 Honey show, 29/05/2007 (25.7MB)

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