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Slow Songs For Fast Hearts: A couple of great links...


A couple of great links...

Today I found a really exciting website, Exciting, because the woman who runs it, Jenny Woolworth, also does a radio show in Switzerland called Tiger Beat, and when I checked out her playlists it turns out that the music she plays is pretty similar to what I play on Pony 4 Honey. Not only that, but the website has a very comprehensive list of women in the punk/postpunk/indie/rock/underground/electro scene from 70s and 80s, and it was great to see so many New Zealand women mentioned (i.e Look Blue Go Purple and the women who played in Suburban Reptiles, Idle Idols etc).

I like lists, not just because I’m a librarian and want things to be in order, but also, yeah actually this is obviously a librarian thing too – it’s because when things are in a list they feel safe and contained, like no one’s going to forget this information again/any more because we can go to this website and see these lists and all this stuff is just waiting in the archives for someone to come along and be inspired. Women’s music, art, writing etc is particularly precious to me and I like to know that it’s there if I want to find it (and in alphabetical order, yes). Of course, lists have their downsides as all forms of categorisation do, and things are invariably left off and consequently ignored. But there are always new lists! With more and more obscure content! Ahhh!

The other great thing about Jenny Woolworth’s site is her links page and the list of events/exhibitions that she’s a part of. It reminded me that there is a whole world of people out there interested in the same kind of music, art and shit that I like – people who are just as avid about collecting it, thinking about it and writing about it. Which is cool, because it means I have a place in the world.

One of the links I was most interested in was, which is an online documentation of the riot grrrl movement which will eventually be collected into a book. You need to register to be able to access the information. I am currently waiting for my login to be emailled to me…

Oh yeah and hey! Check out Rhythm King and her Friends.

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