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Slow Songs For Fast Hearts: I'm feeling a lack...


I'm feeling a lack...

I’m looking for a scene. Do you know of one?

I have certain needs that should be met. It’s cool if younger people are in my scene, totally, but people over 25 should have a very good presence, but in a way that isn’t like “this is a drag”. More like, what I imagine say, M.I.A or Tobi Vail or, fuck, I dunno, Dame Darcy’s scene might be like. They’re all over 25! Come on, don’t scoff, Auckland could totally have that. Over 25s don’t have to shrink back into the dark corners of the wine cellar and allow 18 year olds to have all the fun, and nor do they need to sit at home and bitch about how lame the scene is compared to how it used to be (like I do).

I want a music scene that isn’t a “scene”, but is a place that you can feel at home, and there are likeminded people – like, who actually know about the same music as you and are interested in zines and comix and typewriters and libraries and tattoos and roller skating and politics and whether Le Tigre sold out or not. Where I can feel like it’s ok to dress up, dress down, get wasted, go sober, not give a fuck about Who is there, but rather, who is there.

In this scene there are new bands ALL the time who aren’t afraid to take risks, and an audience who indulges them, not because they’re cute scenester boys in tight jeans regurgitating the current bfm flavour of the month, but because the audience is curious and open minded and excited about new stuff and wanting to have a good time.

I want there to be club nights with freaky fashion themes, and people who go all out. I want film nights with Sadie Benning movies. I want girls to play in bands of multiple genres and organise the parties and be recognised as influential. I want pirate radio and local heroes and on every corner a small specific shop with cool music for sale. I want squatted buildings for artists and people doing activism and fixing their bikes. I don’t want pretty indie bullshit where girls have to go dressed as doll-like as possible and applaud the stupid boy band and have to pretend to be shy and disarming and charming and deep. I want DIY for real. I want mess. I don’t want this inner city thing to be such a white scene, where there are very few people who look much like me. I want Polystyrene to be more important than Lou Reed.

Is this getting too demanding? I think you get my point. Is there such a scene that you know of? That’s not on the otherside of the world if possible? Can we have it here? Does anyone like the Frumpies as much as me? Let’s swap mixtapes.

Posted Apr 26, 01:50 AM | By Melissa |
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