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Slow Songs For Fast Hearts: Skinny Girl Diet


Skinny Girl Diet

This band played at the last ever Club Milk at the Rat Star, 2010. I didn’t make it to that show, but afterwards my friends were buzzing about how great Skinny Girl Diet were.

Their fuzzy, bass-heavy sound is surprisingly old school, songs such as “Forget You” sounding like a Heaven’s to Betsy song reconfigured for the future. This is mixed with raw, youthful vocals and a band name that sounds like the kind of sneering you’d expect from a young Polystyrene or Ari Up, though this music is more menacing and grungey than the bands the latter two were famous for.

Hope they play again soon, so I can see them live, but in the meantime, a video…

SKINNY GIRL DIET debut gig stags head ’09

Skinny Girl Diet | Myspace Music Videos

Posted Jan 15, 12:36 am | By Melissa |
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