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Slow Songs For Fast Hearts: Pony 4 Honey playlist 27/03/07


Pony 4 Honey playlist 27/03/07

The “All in the Family Show”...where I attempt to link together all the songs in my hour & a half playlist, non-lamely. If only I knew how to draw Venn diagrams or family trees or something.

Malaria – You You

Is German, just like:

Hanin Elias – Girl Serial Killer (the Dear Hanin remix)

This song was remixed by Le Tigre, who, at the end of the Dear Hanin remix address a letter to Hanin about the deaths of Patrick Dorsman and Amadou Diallo, which they also sing about on:

Le Tigre – Bang! Bang!

Sadie Benning from Le Tigre was replaced by JD Samson who is now in:

The New England Roses – All for the Night

And is it true that JD and Wynne Greenwood used to be together? (ha ha gossip gossip) For sure Johanna Fatemen, also from Le Tigre is now working on a project called LIBBER with Wynne Greenwood, who used to be:

Tracy & the Plastics – Queerion

Who once covered a song by:

Lesbians on Ecstasy – Sedition

Who have also been remixed by:

Scream Club v Leonard DeLeonard – International

Rachel Carns has a guest appearance on Scream Club’s album “Don’t Bite Your Sister”, and she also was in:

The Need – Don’t Touch the Ribbon


The King Cobra – This Town Ain’t Big Enough For the Both of Us

And drummed at some point for:

Slant 6 – Babydoll

The lead singer of Slant 6, Christina Billotte is now the lead singer of:

The Casual Dots – Mama’s Gonna Make Us a Cake

Which of course features the beautiful Kathi Wilcox, formally a member of:

The Frumpies- Be Good

In which she shared vocals with Tobi Vail, who, on the KRS site reviewed the next band and said they were exactly the kind of band Bikini Kill was hoping to inspire:

Finally Punk – What the Fuck Missile

Who often seem to play with another up-and-coming punk band:

Kiosk – I’m Floored

Who are Australian like:

Macromantics – Apple Crumble

And Romy from Macromantics used to be in Noise Addict with Ben Lee, and this band performed a song (about Evan Dando) called “I Wish I Was Him”, which was later covered by Kathleen Hanna on one of the Kill Rockstars compilations. Kathleen Hanna, of course being the lead singer of:

Bikini Kill – Strawberry Julius

Which of course features Tobi Vail (mentioned above), who is now in:

Spider and the Webs – A Kid Named Jay

Along with a member of Dub Narcotics, a band that Calvin Johnson used to also be in, as well as being in the next band with Tobi Vail back in the day:

The Go Team – Bikini Twilight

And this band, which is probably his most famous(?) band:

Beat Happening – Sleepyhead

A band which Kurt Cobain used to like (and he also played guitar on Bikini Twilight by the Go Team), which leads us to:

Nirvana – Territorial Pissings

And Kurt, being the big fanboy he was, also really liked the next band, and in fact wrote in the liner notes for the re-release of their first album, and invited them to tour with Nirvana, but died a week before the tour. He also randomly met Ana Da Silva, the lead singer, in a record shop in London while he was searching for this band’s first album, and he wrote about this experience in the liner notes to Insecticide. Hole also covered the next song. The band? It was of course:

The Raincoats – The Void

Who, in one incarnation had Steve Shelley playing with them, who is from:

Sonic Youth – Kim Gordon & the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream

This song was originally entitled “Mariah Carey & the Arthur Doyle Handcream”, and was done as part of a split single “Buddy Series” release by Narnack Records, which they shared with the next band. who also did a song about Mariah Carey (this is not that song though):

Erase Errata – Hotel Suicide

Who, I read somewhere, formed a side band with Kim Gordon at the ATP festival, but I don’t think they’ve recorded anything. Kim Gordon, being in the next band:

Free Kitten – Noise Doll

Which also has Yoshimi who, as well as being in the Boredoms and Free Kitten is in Japanese noise band:

OOIOO – Right Hand Ponk

And has worked with Yuka on an album called “Flower with No Color”. Where is Yuka from?

Cibo Matto – Sci Fi Wasabi

And Cibo Matto are a band who have a lot of different people doing guest spots, including one Arto Lindsay, most famous for being in No Wave band

DNA – I’m Not Moving

And it was from DNA that the next band got their name

Blonde Redhead – Melody of Certain Three

PHEW!!! So there we go folks. It’s all in the family.

And I ended Pony 4 Honey, for the month of March with a little ode to the crooked cops of our country:

Julie Ruin – I Wanna Know what Love Is

>how many girls stay awake all night
too scared to sleep and too scared to fight back
i know you know what i’m talking about
another woman killed and hardly a pout about it
green river killer my fucking ass
the cops have gotta be deaf, dumb, and spastic
to not catch the killer(s) of one hundred woman
i guess it’d be different if they thought we were human

i wanna know what love is

what the fuck if we all got guns
to off the fucking pigs and all the other motherfuckers
raping the children they paint like dolls
jon benet didn’t scream because she never fucking was
come on now the police aren’t gonna save you
they’re part of the problem that society gave you
locking up black men for whistling in the wind
you see a mirage when you call the cop your friend

i wanna know what love is

the killers and the cops give us special advice
like cross your legs and act fucking nice
while they kill us off old and fucking young
for breathing, relieving, and having fun
they’ll keep you scared so you have to have a boyfriend
and take your kids away if you’re a la la lesbian
arrest you for whoring then rape you in the car
it’s time we point the finger at who the real criminals are

i wanna know what love is
i want you to show me

so i’ll stay awake almost every night
a pen in my hand and in the other a knife
because i’d rather be scared and fight back
than be some dick’s maid, babe or wife

i don’t care how we get it but we’ll get it someday<

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