Pony 4 Honey playlist 20/03/07

Not in order, but anyway…

All for the Night – New England Roses
Revenge – The Rondelles
I’m Not Drunk – Judy and the Loadies
Tv Life – The Wiretaps
Get Up – Paradise Island
Less of Me – Teenage Jesus and the Jerks
?? – Dada Stunt Girl
Hurry Hurry – Drunk Granny
Howl – The Grates
The Invisible Dog – Electrelane
Mr Hypnotist – Spider and the Webs
Kerbcrawler – The Au Pairs
Grease- Peechees
Don’t Touch The Ribbon – Need
Lollipop Lad – Les Georges Leningrad
Blue is all in Rush – Liliput
Apple Crumble – Macromantics
Don’t Stay Inside – Sound Laydee
Little Mouth – Sleater Kinney
Speak – Melt Banana
Don’t Make Waves – The Gossip

Tues 11pm-1am(ish)
Fleet FM 88.3

Posted Mar 22, 02:24 AM | By Melissa |
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