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Slow Songs For Fast Hearts


Um, yeah.

It’s been a while since either of us have posted anything on here. I’ve been super busy with work (two part time jobs and doing a heap of freelance design means pretty much all I do is work and sleep!) so haven’t had a chance to even think about what I’d like to write about. But I want to say that Macromantics is a genius. I mean, she rhymes Susan Faludi with booty!

So yes, I’m still listening to Macromantics heaps! My iTunes says I’ve played the album 84 times, and I’m always playing the CD and listening to it on my iPod so I’m surprised I’m not totally sick of it yet!

I haven’t had a chance to check out anything new for a while, but lately I’ve also been listening to Public Warning by Lady Sovereign, Standing in the Way of Control by The Gossip and Version by Mark Ronson.

If you’ve been reading Slow Songs For Fast Hearts regularly, you’ll know that I am a fan of (good!) cover versions of songs. And Versions is just that — an entire album of cover versions! If you too are a fan, you should check it out. Ronson produces the songs, and has a different artist sing each one. It has a focus on British music, with the original songs primarily being by British bands and artists and I think all of the singers on the album are British. It’s definitely not something I’d have listened to if it wasn’t for the cover versions, and now that I think about it I wouldn’t really listen to the original versions either! Apart from this I don’t think I listen to anything by the singers on Version as they’re not really what I’m into (and I have to admit I don’t think I’ve heard of half of them) but where else can you hear a band (or guy?) called Triggers doing a cover of Toxic by Britney Spears that samples Ol Dirty Bastard from the Wu-Tang Clan?!

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